Debbie D.

My story begins when I Was 25; I was a divorced single Mom of a 2 year old. My husband mentally abused me, so I began to look for my worth through men and sex. This behavior led me to getting pregnant by a person I barely knew. He was into drugs and I knew he would not be a help to me.  I called my mom and she told me I could not raise two babies alone. My best friend had an abortion so she told me where to go.

As soon as I left the clinic, I felt empty. The way I coped was again through sex. I just wanted to numb the pain by trying to feel some kind of love. This led to more loneliness, emptiness and depression. I kept my secret buried for 13 years until my best friend told me about the Abortion Recovery program at the Pregnancy Center. This is when my life made a significant turn. I learned how much God loved me and I learned how to forgive myself. I knew then that God was going to use my story to help others. A few years later, I started volunteering and the PRC co-facilitating the Post Abortion study. Then about five and one-half years ago, I was hired there as the Director of Client Services.

I have been able to help numerous women find their healing of abortions through leading the Post Abortion study. Not only that, I met with every client that has come into our center, many that are abortion minded. I am able to share my story with them and help them see the truth about abortion and in turn save their babies. I also love being able to share the amazing grace of God thorough the Gospel and have women led to Christ.  I have spoken at many churches and two women’s conferences about my story for the first time. I am amazed every day that God uses me the way he does. Call the International Helpline to talk with someone who understands 1-866-482-LIFE

Debbie is married to a wonderful man Jeff, and he supports her whole-heartedly. They have two sons, a daughter in Heaven together and Jeff has eight children. They are very involved in their church and in May 2019, Debbie will become a Certified Biblical Counselor. She is devoted to the Heavenly Father, where he leads she will follow.