Terri B.

“I thought if abortion was wrong, why would it be legal?” 

Terri, Phone Consultant Texas My name is Terri and I am here to offer hope and healing for those who are quietly hurting in silence. Some of you today are like me and regret your abortion as I do. The truth that I can offer you are the same peace and healing that I have received.

30 years ago I chose to have an abortion. My boyfriend didn’t want children. He said he loved me and we would get married –one day- but, now was not the time. I thought if abortion was wrong – why would it be legal? My boyfriend convinced me my parents would be hurt and embarrassed. He also told me no one ever needed to know. It would be our little secret, but what we didn’t realize then was that I would always know, my God did know and the secret could not be kept silent.

Not only did my boyfriend and I lie to each other & to ourselves, the abortion provider lied to me also. He told me that it was a simple procedure; that they could prevent other pregnancies through birth control pills; and that I could go back to my normal activities. He also lied by omission by not telling me about the mental, spiritual and physical health risks. The truth is: it was not a simple procedure – it was painful, and there was no going back to my normal activities. Nothing in my life would be normal again.

The physical risk he didn’t mention such as breast cancer is real no matter what some doctors are saying. At age 39, I was diagnosed with Stage I breast cancer. When the doctor asked my medical history questions of family, late pregnancies, etc. the ONLY question I answered yes to was – Yes I had had an abortion.

The abortion provider did not tell me of the mental anguish I would feel when years later I saw my 1st ultrasound of my son. It was then I could no longer deny they had lied about what a fetus was. They said it was not a baby but in fact it was very much a living child. The mental pain did not stop there because I married and divorced; and I had to live with the secret all by myself.

Spiritually, the abortion separated me from God because I believed the lie that I would never be good enough to be loved if anyone knew of my Choice. He is the only one who could give me unconditional love, truth and forgiveness. Finally 17 years later I realized and accepted the love, Truth & forgiveness of God and began the journey of wholeness. God also gave me the courage to share my secret with my husband, children, family and my church family.

I found out that I did not make the right choice for myself because I was missing all the facts. I only made my choice on a very few facts and a few lies. I would like you to know that you, your friend or family can make a different choice when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. You can call the International Helpline for Abortion Recovery at 1- 866-482-LIFE to hear more about the truth. If you have chosen abortion in your past, there is the same love, truth and forgiveness, which I found in Christ, and He is offering it to you.

Terri and her husband, Gary, have been married for 15 years. They have four grown children in their blended family. Terri enjoys traveling with her husband and spending time with their children. She also enjoys shopping, spending time with animals and breakfast with friends. God has used Terri's life experiences and turned them into ministries. She and her husband have led divorce recovery groups for over eight years. She also leads a post abortion Bible Study. Terri mentors women going through & surviving from breast cancer. She works with volunteers and clients who come to the Crisis Pregnancy Center. Terri has organized retreats for women and crisis pregnancy center volunteers. Terri is the founding Director of Riverside Pregnancy Center in Denver, Colorado and has held the position of Director for 10 years. Terri works as part-time staff for the International Helpline for Abortion Recovery. 

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