Permission Request Form

Please fill our the form below for permission to use International Helpline logo and International Helpline Number in printed materials. Permission request form will be reviewed by Concepts of Truth Inc., director and results will be sent to requesting party.

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If available, please email a PDF of your finished ad that includes the International Helpline for Abortion Recovery phone number to with your business name as the file name. (Example: JaneSmith_HealingMinistryAd_00000.pdf)
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By submitting this form I agree to the following: The individual, church, business agency or ministry promoting the International Helpline for Abortion Recovery number agrees to present the number only in text or with the International Helpline logo as presented on our website. The requester agrees that all accompanying printed information with the phone number is presented in a compassionate, respectful, ethical, and informative way to be conducive to the healing process of those hurting and will not cause additional emotional distress of any person already affected by an abortion experience. I will not use offensive language or graphic images in conjunction with the use of the International Helpline number.