Professional Counseling

Millie Lace, LPC, DCC License #POO11032

Licensed Professional Counselor & Distance Credentialed Counselor

Bart Michael Smith, LAC License #A1307071

Licensed Associate Counselor

If you are in crisis, please contact Deaf call (800) 799-4TTY.

We desire happiness and long for peace. A plain and simple life. But in our pursuit it gets complicated at times. If you are experiencing sadness or difficulty, please contact us at (870) 238-4329. We are here to help.

If you are thinking that talking with someone about what you are going through may help you move forward, consider counseling to help you along your journey.

  • Do you struggle with relationships?

  • Have you been feeling down lately?

  • Do you have flashbacks of a past traumatic event?

  • Have you experienced a recent losss?

Office hours are 8:30 am-4:00 pm Monday - Friday. Online appointments have wider flexibility.

Get Started: Whether you are an in person or online client, setting up a free Hush Mail account can allow us to communicate confidentially. Millie provides online services via email, chat, audio or video. Depending on your situation, if you are seeking online services, we may require an initial in-person session before getting started online.

You can experience psychotherapy in the office or online. 

Services: We work with individuals or groups (children, adolescents and adults) with personal and/or relational needs in the clinical, church, school/out patient setting with face to face or distance counseling. Millie supervises LAC's (individual or group setting) face to face and through technology-assisted methods. We are available for speaking and consulting in areas pertaining to counseling and psychology. Typical face to face therapy sessions last approximately one hour. We are here to listen and help you engage in solutions that work. We will help you identify the problem, set goals and guide you through treatment. The ultimate goal of therapy is to help you find peace and contentment and continue on your journey of life. Depending on your comfort level, you may wish to combine chat, email or video counseling with face to face sessions.The length of the counseling sessions may vary depending on the issue we are working on. We only offer counseling services to individuals who reside in Arkansas where we are licensed

Fees: Face to Face - $75 - $125 per hour session based on Sliding Scale. Technology Assisted: $125 per hour session

Supervision: Distance and Face to Face $60 per individual session and $30 for group.

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Office Location: 202 E. Commercial Ave., Wynne, AR 72396

Phone: (870) 238-4329


About Millie:

I am a licensed professional counselor in Arkansas since 2000. I obtained my Masters in Counseling Education from Arkansas State University with additional hours for licensure at Harding School of Religion in Memphis, Tennessee. I have a specialization in supervision and technology-assisted counseling and supervision. I am the founder and director of Concepts of Truth, a non-profit professional counseling center and International Helpline for Abortion Recovery & Prevention. I am a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors and the Arkansas Mental Health Counselor's Association. I have been married since 1974, have three children, and two grand children. I use an integrated theoretical approach in therapy with creativity in interventions to help you meet your goals.


About Bart:

I am a licensed therapist specializing in preschool-aged and elementary-aged children, adolescents, and adults including senior-aged persons both individually and in groups. I have been licensed as a therapist since 2013 and have worked in the mental health field for 8 years. I am a graduate of Arkansas State University with a Specialist Degree in Mental Health Counseling. I am currently working as a Referral Development Specialist for an inpatient facility treating adolescents and serve as a contract counselor with Concepts of Truth International. My therapeutic approach is based on Adlerian therapy.  I believe the counseling process should be that of equals, and that the relationship should be based on mutual respect where goals can be clearly defined through listening, responding, and exhibiting hope and caring, to assist each client in attaining self-empowerment to reach established goals and change .  In every session I utilize empathy, congruence, active listening, clarification, reflection of feelings, and unconditional positive regard. 

Governing & Professional Associations

Arkansas Board of Examiners in Counseling

American Counseling Association

American Association of Christian Counselors

Arkansas Mental Health Counselor's Association